jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Cool out homie You betta keep her away from my balling clique

Keep her out of nightclubs all in the mix

From hanging out with chicks who be swallowing dicks

From catz who order Cris play the floor with the Knicks

It can only lead to something unfortunate

Hot boy like Jigga man scorch your bitch

Play the floor dot Jigga man go first

Then we all rock till we all hot You know the boy from the Roc got them whores on lock Got the bitches in the smash Making yours drive fast Do we get more cash than the average nigga? All dem hoes like damn I gotta have this nigga Cause I'mma hot black, how in the hell can you stop that You can fuck mine How the hell can you knock that? I'm just playing the cards choosenly Jigga man who ya supposed to be?

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